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Model Number:HL-110005

 Ultra Slim Cable Support Ethernet

Port 1: HDMI A Type male connector(19Pin) with gold contacts
Port 2: HDMI A Type male connector(19Pin) with gold contacts


Thinner feature is idealy for your thin LED & LCD TV's
Lighter and more flexiable features make your life easier and more convenient for your portable devices
36AWG Copper tinning plated cores with low capacitance dielectrics
100% Triple Shielded TMDS channels - 2x Mylar Foil Wrap + Braid
Double shielded CEC, DDC & 5V DC cores - Mylar Foil Wrap + Braid
Molded Type or ABS shell mold
Flame - retardant VW-1 UL Rated
Engineered for use with all HDTV Formats including 1080p
Uncompressed Digital Video Transmission
Uncompressed Multi-Channel Digital Audio
MBDCTM   Technology - Micro Balance Dielectric Cable

1. Insertion force: 44.1 N Max.
2. Withdrawal force: 9.8 N min.


1. 100% open & short test 
2. Hi-Pot: DC 300V 10ms 
3. Insulation Resistance: 10M Ohm Min. 
4. Contact Resistance: 36AWG cable: 3.0~5.0 Ohm Max.          
5. Working Temperature: -25℃ ~ +85

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